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Track Time started at the beginning of 2016 with one-on-one coaching as its priority. We were the first track day organization in the Pacific Northwest where you could book a individual Track Time coach for the day.  We brought in guest instructors from the Yamaha Champions Riding School who put on classroom sessions and spent the day discussing rider skills and how to become better street and track riders. We saw a need for this because other track day groups were pairing three to five riders per coach.  Not only that, they were also putting up to 50 riders on the track at the same time! Track Time changed the way that most track day groups offer instruction, now those groups offer similar coaching scenarios.

This season we have two guest instructors that you can reserve, Kayla Yaakov and Benjamin Smith. Both of them are very accomplished motorcycle road racers and instructors. These two will be at select Track Time events and are very excited to join us this year.

All our Instructors focus on your individual needs and what skills you can improve upon. Several of our coaches have been through the Yamaha Champions Riding School training program. This program focuses on rider training and development.

No matter who you are or your skill level, we can help you become more confident and most importantly safer riders!


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