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Get to know the story behind the Track Time Motorcycle Day Experience

In the world of motorcycle enthusiasts, Track Time revolutionized the way riders approached their passion. It all began in 2016, when a team in the Pacific Northwest, led by Alan Schwen and JD Bucklin, decided to redefine the track day experience.

Alan, an avid motorcycle rider and accomplished racer, had long felt that the standard approach to track day coaching was lacking. Most track day organizations paired multiple riders with a single coach, diluting the personalized attention each rider deserved. Additionally, the overcrowded tracks, with up to 50 riders at once, created an environment that was far from conducive to focused learning.

Determined to address these issues, Alan and JD launched Track Time with the concept of: one-on-one coaching as a top priority and smaller riding groups. They envisioned a space where riders could book an individual Track Time coach for an entire day, ensuring dedicated attention to their specific needs and skill levels.

To elevate the coaching experience, Track Time went the extra mile by bringing in guest instructors from the prestigious Yamaha Champions Riding School. These seasoned professionals not only conducted classroom sessions but also spent the entire day discussing rider skills, emphasizing how to become better street and track riders.

The impact was immediate. Riders who experienced Track Time found themselves progressing at a much faster rate than ever before. The demand for this personalized coaching experience soared, prompting other track day organizations to follow suit in offering similar coaching scenarios.

As the years passed, Track Time continued to evolve. The organization attracted accomplished motorcycle road racers and instructors as guest coaches, such as Kayla Yaakov and Benjamin Smith. These experts, with their wealth of experience, further enriched the learning environment at Track Time events.

The core philosophy remained unchanged—individualized attention, tailored coaching, and a commitment to enhancing rider skills. Track Time became synonymous with confidence-building and safety enhancement for riders of all levels.

In the motorcycle community, as riders flocked to events not just for the thrill of speeding around the track but for the opportunity to refine their techniques under the guidance of experts who understood their unique needs.

Track Time continues its mission to make every rider a more confident and safer participant in the thrilling world of motorcycle riding. 

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Alan Schwen


For many years, track day companies have been putting on events across the Northwest. But at TrackTime, we do track days differently.  Here are 3 things we believe set us apart.



We have seen and experienced what it is like to ride in overcrowded groups. It becomes much harder to learn and have fun when you feel like all you're doing is "trying to survive out on the track". Limiting riders on the track creates a safe and open track without the crowding and stress you find at typical track day events. We believe that keeping rider numbers to 30 in the Relaxed and Intermediate groups and 35 in the Advanced group not only makes it safer, it allows you to concentrate and work on your riding.


We want you to have fun, gain confidence, and learn control as you become a safer and faster rider. No matter which group you're in, from beginner to advanced, you will not feel overcrowded on the track. Fewer riders on the track means less risk of crashing, which results in more high quality Track Time for everyone.




In addition to track day riding, Track Time offers one-on-one personal instruction with our dedicated and experienced coaches. With a Track Time instructor, you'll have an experienced coach to ride with you and offer tips for faster, safer, and more controlled riding, specific to your needs. Whether you're looking to improve your skills on the race track or you're a new rider just learning the basics, we'll match you up with the right instructor for you.

Whether or not you choose to add one-on-one instruction to your track day experience with us, every rider who purchases a ticket to a Track Time event is welcome to attend Q&A sessions that are scheduled throughout the day. Our Q&A sessions are led by Track Time Senior Instructors who focus on teaching techniques used by the best riders in the world.



We want you to have an awesome experience and come back smiling, ready to do another track day with us. All of Track Time's Staff is committed to creating the best track day experience you have ever had.  We have several partners that are committed to providing you with track day support at all our events. You'll find tire mounting services, suspension services, photographers, demo bikes, and several other vendor partners that provide quality products for you to try out or purchase.  

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