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Check out these important details for your  TrackTime Motorcycle Track Day Experience

A Typical Track Day


You are welcome to camp at The Ridge with us the evening before an event. Arrive any time after 7 pm. Everything gets started at 7 am the morning of the event. After getting set up in the paddock, you'll head over to registration and get signed in for the day. There, you'll sign our Track Time waiver and now you are now ready for tech inspection and our mandatory riders meeting.

A member of our tech team will look over your bike to make sure it's not leaking any fluids and that it is track worthy. It is your responsibility to make sure that your bike can pass tech inspection. If you have any questions about how to get your bike track ready, check out the Tech Checklist. Remember, you will not be allowed on the track unless your bike passes tech inspection.


Riders Meeting
Next, there will be a general "all riders" meeting in the pit area. After the general riders meeting we will break off into three separate rider meetings to cover information tailored specifically to the needs of each group. Our Riders Meeting is Mandatory for everyone who is planning to ride that day. We strongly encourage everyone to show up on time! In the event you show up late, head on over to the registration desk and we will do our best to get you taken care of as soon as we can. 


Run Times
Groups run in 20 minute sessions, with our ADVANCED group heading out on track at 9:00am sharp. Our ADVANCED group starts at the top of every hour, followed by the INTERMEDIATE group at 20 minutes after the hour, and the RELAXED group at 40 minutes after the hour. We rotate groups until lunchbreak, break for an hour, and continue alternating groups until 5 pm. 

Three Group Format

Relaxed / Slower Group - This group is for first time track day customers and those who want to get out and experience a track day without feeling like they have to go fast. Passing rules for this group are covered in the Riders Meeting. 

Intermediate / Medium Group - This group is for those with experience doing track days and/or those who are comfortable on a motorcycle and ride well. This is a very popular run group and fills up fast. Passing rules for this group are covered in the Riders Meeting.

Advanced / Fast - This group is for experienced track day riders and racers. You must be comfortable being passed on both the inside and outside of corners. Passing rules for this group are covered in the Riders Meeting.

You are responsible for which group you sign up for. If you have any questions about which group you should be in, contact us and we will help you out. In the event you want to be "bumped" up or down a group during an event come see us at registration and we will do our best to accommodate you if there is room in a group.

Required Gear and Equipment

  • Full face helmet in good condition, Snell 2020 or ECE certified with no scrapes that have gone through the top layer of paint and into the shell. 

  • Leather, 1 piece or 2 piece suit that zips together around the waist. Textile pant and jacket will only be allowed in the Relaxed group and must be motorcycle type riding gear with must zip together around the waist. NO EXCEPTIONS! No chaps will be allowed.

  • Gloves with long gauntlets that cover your wrists so there is no exposed skin.  Motorcycle boots that cover your ankles must be worn; no riding shoes will be allowed. A back protector and chest pad is highly recommended. 

  • All riding gear must be in good condition without any holes or stitching coming apart.

What Else Should I Bring?

  • We recommend bringing along a cooler for water and sports drinks to keep you hydrated throughout the day, along with any snacks you'd like. There is coffee, breakfast, and lunch available for purchase at The Ridge Cafe. 

  • Any tools for your bike, bike stand, tire warmers (if you're running slicks), duct tape or masking tape for lights and mirrors, tire gauge, extra gas, riding gear, and your bike key. This may sound silly, but folks have forgotten it before!

  • Bring comfortable clothes to wear before, after, and in between riding sessions such as a t-shirt, shorts, tennis shoes, a jacket or sweatshirt, and a hat. Sunscreen, chap stick, sunglasses, and a camera.

  • Canopies, tables, chairs, bicycles, skateboards, BBQs, leashed dogs, trailers, and RVs are all welcome. 

Personal Conduct Policy

Motorcycle riding is a dangerous sport, and it's important to us that everyone stays safe while we're at the track. The staff at Track Time and the tracks we ride at partner together to ensure everyone's safety. If we come across any behavior that might put other riders or spectators at risk, we'll speak with that person. Depending on the situation, the rider may receive a warning or be asked to leave the track. We ask that all of our riders work together with us to follow the rules of the track, ride safe, and have fun!

If you've been to one of our track events before, you know that we have an ongoing promise that for every day we don't have a crash, we will give away a free track day to one of our attendees of that day. All the more reason to keep your bike upright and you and your peers safe! 


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