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Make sure you are prepared for your best TrackTime Motorcycle Track Day Experience

Tires - Tires must be in good condition with plenty of tread left on them. We do ride in the rain in the Pacific Northwest and if your tires are wore down you will not have good traction in the wet.

You can use any tires you wish, or that is appropriate to your motorcycle. DOT street tires, DOT race tires, or racing slicks are all allowed, that is entirely your choice. Dual sport "knobby" tires are allowed on those bikes as well.

Lights, mirrors, and turn signals - You can ride with your lights on your bike, however we need you to tape them up. Headlights and tail lights can be a distraction to other riders on the track.

Mirrors and turn signals need to be taped over as they can break and leave debris on the track surface. We encourage you to remove them from your motorcycle but it is not required.


Cables, levers, and control housings - Throttle and clutch cables should not pull excessively and throttle grip should return to its closed position quickly when rolled open and released when handlebars are turned to full lock in either direction.

Chain adjustment - Make sure your chain is adjusted correctly before coming to Tech Inspection. A loose chain or an excessively tight chain can cause many problems and end your day really quick!  Both, chain and sprockets need to be in good condition with no signs of abnormal wear.

Handlebars - Handlebars must be able to turn fully left and right without and interference. They should not come in contact with fairings or the fuel tank.


No leaks from your motorcycle - Nothing can be leaking from your motorcycle!  No oil or coolant can make its way to the track surface. Look over your motorcycle carefully to make sure nothing is leaking from it before coming to the track. If you have a track only bike, we require that you not use antifreeze. You are allowed to use any approved Propylene Glycol racing coolant like Engine Ice, Redline Water Wetter, or similar.

Pegs, brackets, and mufflers - There should not be anything loose or falling off your motorcycle. Before coming to the track, look over your bike and make sure all fasteners, brackets, and anything bolted on is tight.

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