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Don "Goat" Williams, a retired Marine Major, former MSF instructor, and current Senior Instructor for the Yamaha Champions Riding School (YCRS), Don joined YCRS during the inception of real-world speed motorcycle training for the Marine Corps designed to reduce motorcycle-related fatalities. Serving as the lead active-duty instructor for the curriculum, Don played a pivotal role in developing the program. Don also presently oversees the YCRS Demo Program in Washington and contributes to operational aspects of the program.

For 2024, Track Time asked Don to take over their Instructor/Staff Development Program and oversee the ongoing processes of providing training to Track Time Instructors and customers. 

Beyond his military background, and employment with YCRS, Don is an accomplished expert-level road racer, securing multiple class championships in both Southern California and Washington State. His prowess on the racetrack reflects his dedication to excellence and passion for motorcycle racing.


Don is the current 2024 WMRRA Rider Rep and plays a significant role in the motorcycle community. 

As a Senior Instructor for YCRS, WMRRA mentor,  and trackday instructor over the last five years since living in WA, Don is dedicated to helping riders reach their full potential. 

He firmly believes that with the right guidance and a commitment to improvement, every rider can become an expert-level rider. 

When Don is not at the track, you can find him breeding, raising, and showing nationally recognized prize winning dairy goats all across the United States.

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