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Hey everyone,

 Meet Benjamin Smith. He is excited and honored to be a coach for you at select “Track Time” events this season. As some of you may know, Benjamin will race in the MotoAmerica Superbike and Stock 1000 classes on a Yamaha R1 for Flo4law Racing in 2024. He has been racing professionally since the age of 16 following the Motoamerica circuit. Along the way, Benjamin has accumulated over 20 MotoAmerica podiums across the Junior Cup, Supersport, and Stock 1000 classes…as well as a national championship in 2017. 

While Benjamin was born and raised on the east coast, there is nothing he enjoys more than being able to come to the Pacific Northwest each year for some of the best racetracks in the country. The coaching side of his career has grown in conjunction with his rise through the professional ranks, and it has become a true passion of his. Seeing students progress throughout the day while doing everything smoother, and faster makes an enjoyable experience for everyone. Benjamin is looking forward to passing along some of the knowledge he has gained in an individualized experience for each student. Everyone is here to have fun and go fast, so let’s do it the correct way! Benjamin looks forward to seeing all of you at the track, don’t miss out!  

Remaining Available Dates - July 2-3 & Sept 1-2-3
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