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This is Kayla Yaakov and she is excited to work with Track Time in 2024. She is also excited to be an instructor and pass on her knowledge to those riders who want to hone their skills and become a better track or street rider.

Kayla has been instructing for the past few years at local track day events on the East Coast. It has become a passion of hers and this year she started her own personal instructing business. When Kayla is not racing her Ducati V2 at MotoAmerica events for the Rahal Ducati Moto team, you can find her at most Track Time events teaching her skills to Track Time customers.

Kayla began racing dirt bikes at age 4. At age 7, she started racing MiniGP bikes and won her first championship, repeating that feat again at age 8. At the age of 9, Kayla became the youngest American to race full size road racing motorcycles and win against adults, setting a record previously held by the legendary Nicky Hayden, at aged 10.

Last season, Kayla raced in the MotoAmerica Twins Cup and Supersport classes as well as some European Twins Cup races as a wild card, winning in Italy and Spain. 

Remaining Available Dates - Sept 2nd and Sept 3rd
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