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Gavin Soderholm, a passionate motorcycle enthusiast, embarked on his two-wheeled journey in 2010. His introduction to the world of motorcycles was born out of an unfortunate accident in 2017, which ultimately led him to discover the exhilarating realm of track riding. Since then, Gavin's life has been intertwined with the thrilling circuits and the pursuit of speed.

Gavin's journey took an inspiring turn as he had the privilege of being coached by esteemed names in the motorcycle racing community. Notable mentors such as Alan Schwen, Josh Hayes, Jason Pridmore, Kyle Wyman, Mark Degross, Ken Hill, and many others have contributed to shaping Gavin's skills and passion for the sport.

In addition to being a skilled rider, Gavin Soderholm plays a pivotal role as a coach for both 2 Fast and Track Time. His dedication to imparting knowledge and fostering the growth of fellow riders reflects his commitment to the motorcycle community.

When it comes to the racetrack, Gavin competes under the racing number 124, paying homage to his mentor. He actively participates in races organized by Wmrra, Omrra, and Cvma, showcasing his prowess and love for the sport. Gavin's story is one of resilience, transformation, and a relentless pursuit of excellence on the motorcycle track.

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