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Track Time may add dates during the season if there is an opportunity.  If we do add dates, those who bought a SEASON PASS will get the opportunity to purchase any of these "add on dates" at the same price as the season pass per event ($250). These added events may take place at the Ridge or other tracks. We are always looking to explore opportunities to take our program to different tracks where our customers can experience different places to ride throughout the season. We will also offer our early bird pricing and instruction for these events. So stay tuned and check back here for any announcements.

If you purchased a Season Pass and would like to sign up for Thunderhill,  please contact us directly and we can take care of your registration for these events,

October 26-27

Track Time is excited to announce that we will be heading south to Willows California to visit Thunderhill Raceway Park on October 26th and 27th for two track days to finish off our 2024 season! This is an opportunity for us to expand outside of the Pacific Northwest and take our program to another great track.

We will be riding on the newer 2 mile West Course on Saturday and Sunday.  If your worried about the weather, we are told the excessive heat ends in September down there and the riding days are usually a very comfortable 70 to 80 degrees. We will have instruction available if you would like to book coach while you are there. 

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