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  • Q. Can the MPTS really make me a better rider?
    A: Absolutely! If you have the desire and commitment to improve, we have the methodology. MPTS teaches Ken Hill’s “Order of the Sport”, which is the same technique-based methodology that he uses to train professional racers, with proven success. Ken Hill coached riders have won over 140 MotoAmerica podiums.
  • Q. Will the school help me if I’m slow? Or if I’m already fast?
    A. The MPTS curriculum derives from the techniques and habits of the best riders in the world and their performance at the highest level of the sport. Whether you are a new rider or competing in the World Championships, these techniques are the same – what changes is the degree of application. Ken teaches these best-practice fundamentals through a scalable methodology that is designed to help riders of any and all skill levels become faster, safer, and more confident. Regardless of your initial skill level, the techniques you learn at the MPTS will put you on a clear and individualized pathway to meeting your riding goals.
  • Q. I crash frequently – will the school help me?
    A. Our goal is to make you a faster and safer rider. The MPTS will address the five reasons why we crash as well as evaluate your on-track riding to diagnose any recurrent crashing issues or high-risk habits that could lead to future crashes.
  • Q. How much personal instruction will I receive?
    A. Since every student has unique needs and riding goals, the MPTS offers a 3-1 student to instructor ratio and guarantees one-on-one coaching time for all students. Each day of the school, students will receive a personal video lapping and review session to identify areas of improvement and create an individualized training plan to take home after the school. To ensure this high standard of personal support, the school is limited to 20 students.
  • Q. Do we ride a lot?
    A. Yes, we do. Most of your time will be spent on the track doing drills or receiving one-on-one instruction. Classroom workshops account for only about one third of the total curriculum. There is also a 30-minute open lapping session at the end of each day.
  • Q. Where is the school located and what do I need to bring?
    A. The school will be held at The Ridge Motorsports Park in Shelton, Washington, about a 90-minute drive from Sea-Tac airport. There are over thirty hotels within a half-hour drive of the track, with three motels directly in Shelton. You can also camp at The Ridge for the duration of the school. You should come prepared with your bike and track gear. However, if you can’t bring your own bike, limited rentals will be available for $350 per day, with optional insurance an additional $100 per day. Please let us know as soon as possible (preferably upon sign-up) if you are interested in renting a bike. Gear rental will also be available, as well as on-site tire services. The school is catered with lunch, drinks, and other refreshments.
  • Q. I’ve signed up for the school. What can I do to prepare?
    A. There are several ways to prepare for the MPTS: Create a goal for the school – why are you here? Listen to a few of Ken’s podcasts to jumpstart your understanding of the MotoPilot methodology. The daily schedule runs tight, so make sure you bike and gear are in top working condition. We ride a lot! Be prepared physically and mentally to spend 3-4 hours per day on track.
  • Q. Who the heck is Ken Hill?
    A. Ken Hill is considered one of the top motorcycle riding coaches in the United States. Ken has had motorcycles in his life for over 20 years and currently owns KH Coaching based in Washington state. Ken has been the lead instructor at the Freddie Spencer Riding School, Yamaha Champions Riding School and is currently working independently, as well as being co-owner of Track Time trackday LLC in WA state. His racing accomplishments include track records, class championships and top 10 in AMA Superbike competition at age 41.
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