I didn't get a chance to personally thank you for        Monday's event at The Ridge. Our guys had a really  great time! TroyBoy rode with us a lot and gave us  some really helpful advice. He's a good instructor.

 These are the only track events I would consider  doing.

 keep up the great work!

 Matt G.

 I can vouch for an awesome organization!

 The smaller groups are definitely worth the very

 small premium in price. I hope others find this true  as well! Anyone who rides motorcycles....any kind  of motorcycles, take advantage of this and learn  how  to be a better and safer rider

 Brian D

​ 6/5/16

What people are saying ​​


  What a wonderful track day! I love how you cap the 

  number of riders per group. So many people 

 complimented you organizing that. Super  satisfaction

  no complaints and people are already talking about

  September"s track day. kudos!!

  Vena K

  Thanks again for a great track day, best day ever!!

  Jeff M


 I first heard about Track Time through a Roadracing  World Facebook post about Ken Hill being a quest  instructor at Track Time track days. At the time I had  just started listening to Ken Hill’s podcast and what  he  was saying in his podcasts made since to me.  When I  visited Track Time’s website, and read that  they have  less riders in a group at slightly higher  price, with Ken  Hill classroom instruction, I had to  sign up.

 I signed up for a full day of instruction. Joe was my  instructor and Ken Hill was doing classroom sessions  throughout the day. I told Joe that the only thing I  wanted to do, was get my knee on the ground, but  after the first session, Joe noticed that I need to work  on my vision and focus, first. This is the same thing  Ken Hill says in his podcasts. The instruction at Track  Time was consistent. Joe and I worked on my eyes  and focus all day, because that is what I needed to  work on the most. Towards the end of the day I was  cornering a lot faster than I have ever done before.  No, I didn’t get my knee on the ground, but I worked on  what was most important in my progression of being  a  better rider.

 Track Time compared to other local track days is not a  track day filled with traffic, nor a track day where you  are rushed from the track to the classroom and back,  to work on things that are insignificant to you  becoming a better rider.


​ 4/11/17