During his 55 years of motorcycle riding and during the last 10 years as a track day instructor and racer Pat has been blessed with the opportunity to attend many different schools across the country and has been (and continues to be) a student of the best training techniques. He has taken those learning opportunities and applied them to his racing and to working with students. Every race season since 2010 he has enjoyed the opportunity to train and proficiency check new novice racers for OMRRA. Pat has always enjoyed instructing and his work as an instructor dates back to his career in the airline industry when one of his duties was as a simulator and aircraft training instructor, along with check riding of transitioning pilots.

goal when working with track day students is to ensure that they are enjoying the experience so that they will return and also to communicate and demonstrate ways to improve or repair the skills they already have acquired. His personal goal is to try to expose every “street" rider to the track so that he/she can explore the capabilities of his/her bike and their individual talents in a safe environment.

 Pat currently races a Yamaha R1M with OMRRA.

 Pat says, "At this point in my life of retirement I feels as though I can still be productive and enjoy doing what I do for Track Time and their students and appreciate the opportunity."