Mitch is a Washington native, started riding dirt bikes in the late 70’s and bought his first street bike as a result of crashing his car while in college in AZ in the late 80’s and decided a Kawasaki EX500 was a better plan to navigate through traffic. Once back in Seattle he ended up getting a few too many tickets on 2 wheels so the street bike was sold and racing stand up jet skis was in. Couple years later the 2 wheel bug reignited in the form of him restoring a 64 Ducati 250 Monza, 73 Yamaha DT 250, and 75 Honda CB750 which led to him joining a motorcycle club in 2000 that focused on getting riders introduced to track days which helped them become better street riders. Mitch then picked up a 97 Suzuki TL1000s and attended track days in WA, OR and NV.

In 2005 Mitch started to have fun with minimoto’s racing local and national events. Co-founded the Northwest MiniMoto Racing League (NWMRL) which brought racers of all ages from the NW to experience racing minimoto’s that led many to start racing larger bikes with WMRRA, OMRRA and WERA.

2009-2010 Mitch graduated the WMRRA novice program and realized he was having more fun racing on a 75hp super stock Suzuki SV650 than his liter bike stating it’s easier to ride faster as you’re able to focus more on your lines.

2012 Mitch attended Jason Pridmore’s Star school.

As of today he’s still with the same motorcycle club from 2000, trying to hit as many track days as possible, attend more schools for road racing, dirt, flat track and still focus on getting as many new riders to the track.

Mitch says the experience and knowledge that riders can gain in one track day is the equivalent of many years of riding on the street.