​​​Katie has been riding motorcycles for nearly twenty years. After using up some of her nine lives on the street, she learned of this thing called ‘racing’ and realized that was a much safer direction to head in. Katie began racing before the days of trackdays; therefore, it was ‘all in’ on the track and proved to be a rough learning curve. Everything changed when trackdays were born and she could spend hours “going slow to go fast.” With no pressure, she started breaking down the elements of racing and practiced the fundamentals. 

The beginning of her racing was with WMRRA, WMRC and OMRRA in the Pacific Northwest. A couple years in, she moved to the east coast and raced with WERA for years. If you ask Katie, she’ll tell you the time she spent racing was about ‘going around in circles, trying not to fall down and having fun.’ We’d rather say a little more…  In total, Katie raced for a decade. Along the way, she won over a dozen regional class championships with WERA and one national class championship. While racing, she was also a trackday instructor. When racing shifted out of her life, the piece of the passion that remained was coaching. She enjoys working with students, watching and assisting other riders improve their skills and having fun along the way.

Away from the track, Katie enjoys a quiet life in the country. This is interspersed with kayaking with her dog in the summer, road bicycling when the weather permits (she’s like sugar, she melts in the rain), snowboarding, speedskating and both downhill and cross country mountain biking. We suppose you could say she likes both speed and quiet.  If you see Katie at the track, introduce yourself! She’s happy to help you however she can.