Justin is an original "Olympia boy", being born and raised there. Now he raises his own family there and loves going on adventures around the Pacific Northwest.  Justin also loves meeting new people and motorcycle riders, whether it be at the track or at a local motorcycle gathering hole.

He was first introduced to motorcycles at the age of four when his dad, also an avid motorcyclist, brought home a Honda MR50 for him to learn to ride.  Since then Justin has always had a motorcycle (or two) in his life. From dirt bikes to three-wheelers, to occasionally being able to steal his dad's street bike. Justin finally got his own street bike in 2004, a Honda CBR954, and found his way to the track where he was hit hard by the track bug!

Ever since he found the track, Justin has strived to become a better rider. On the track or on the street, he knows how important it is to improve his skills and to be a safer rider.  Justin loves helping other people become better riders as well. He enjoys sharing what he has learned and coaching others to become safer, faster, and more relaxed riders.