​ ​Joe Radosevic

Joe Radosevic is a life-long motorcyclist with over 40 years of riding experience in dirt, street, and track.  

He has competed in several different genres including roadracing, motocross, enduro, and hare scrambles.  As a MSF (Motorcycle Safety Foundation) Basic Rider Course and Experienced Rider Course Instructor, he enjoyed working with street riders for 7 years.  Today, he enjoys adventure riding, street touring, and (of course) track days.

His professional life is true to his motorcycling roots and he is a sales representative for many different 
motorcycle aftermarket brands with a major wholesale distributor. When the two wheels and handlebars are in the garage, Joe enjoys 4-wheel off-road touring (particularly in Jeeps) and exploring the world of inner space as a diver in the technical and cave/overhead specialties of mission-oriented diving