​​ Bryan Gould

Bryan has been riding motorcycles most of his life.  He was one of "those" guys you see on the street doing wheelies and showing off. Bryan met Alan in 2000. Alan convinced him to go through the WMRRA novice program in 2001. Shortly after starting that season he was running up front in the novice class and won a couple races. Soon after graduating novice, he was running up front in the expert classes.  Alan spent time coaching Bryan throughout his racing career until he found out about track days. Bryan started instructing and control riding for a track day company in 2002 and continued to road race until 2006. 

Bryan has done track days all over the west coast. He has attended schools such as the Star School by Jason Pridmore and The Rich Oliver Mystery School. He considers The Ridge Motorsports Park, Miller Motorsports Park, and Thunderhill Raceway Park a few of his favorites.

Bryan is always available to help you out, and enjoys sharing his knowledge with those that approach him.