Brian has been riding motorcycles for 35 years, although much of that time was spent in the dirt around Cle Elum, Wa. After an accident on the street in 2000, Brian chose to hang up the helmet thinking he was finished riding for the rest of his life. However, as most avid motorcyclists know, once its in your blood you cant stop riding. After an eight year hiatus, Brian bought a big Harley to do road trips with his wife Joanna.

Brian had been told for years it is much safer to ride at 150 mph on the track than it is to ride 50 mph on the street. In 2009 Brian was invited by a friend to try out a "track day"and the rest they say is history. Brian fell in love with riding the track and became an absolute "track day junkie".

He learned very quickly that is is much safer to ride the track than on the street. He enjoys talking to other riders he meets about education and the safety benefits of doing track days. Brian understands and remembers how it was before he started riding the track and approaches others with that mindset when talking about possibly doing a track day event. He has done several different riding schools and has participated in over 200 track days since he started. He has a lot of knowledge to share and is extremely passionate about helping others learn to ride safer. Please don't hesitate to approach him and pick his brain, he is here for you!