Andrew Cox is a Yamhill County native, growing up in a motorcycle family. His affinity for riding was born and Andrew began riding motorcycles at age five. In his teen years, his parents owned a Yamaha shop, where Andrew grew his knowledge of motorcycles. It would be a few years before Andrew purchased his own bike, however. He started racing Go Karts first, and was a Regional and National Champion in the years between 1983 and 1994. He finally picked up his first street bike in 1992, a ’91 Yamaha FZR1000. From there, Andrew entered the 1993 OMRRA Novice Program, finishing two races, 1st and 3rd. In 1994, Andrew participated in an OMRRA 4-hour Endurance race with Mike Cardinas, and finished. In 1998, Andrew attended the California Superbike school and was subsequently invited to try out as a coach. He began as a California Superbike Instructor in 1999 and coached through 2003. California Superbike School suggested that he get a few more motorcycle road-race miles, and the list below is a happy fulfillment of those miles.

1999--OMRRA Open Supersport and Open Superbike Races
2000--OMRRA Open Supersport season ending points – 4th
OMRRA Open Superbike, season ending points – 6th.
Joined Team MonkeyWrench on their 58k Honda CBR F2: finished all three 4-hour
Endurance Races--no crashes (top ten overall)
2001--Started an Endurance Team, Beaverton Honda Yamaha
NW Endurance Series, 3rd Heavy Weight, (on a Yamaha R1)
Finished 2nd Overall, WERA 6-hour Endurance National
Finished 2nd Overall, WERA Engine Ice 200

2002--1st Overall, NW Endurance Championship – HeavyWeight.
1ST Overall, WERA Engine ICE 200 miler--HeavyWeight

In 2001, DocWong NW was born, a free motorcycle riding clinic Andrew put together, designed to focus on the one to three-year rider. In Andrew’s words, “The one to three-year rider either hits the ground or scares themselves so bad they quit riding. If you can get riders past the one to three-year mark, most will ride indefinitely.” Andrew continued with the DocWong clinics into 2011.

In 1998, Andrew started Cox Racingroup, seeing a need for radiator protection on riders’ motorcycles, street and racing alike. Newberg, Oregon is where Cox Racingroup calls home, and on a given weekday, that is where you will find him—designing parts and taking care of his customers.