Alan has been riding motorcycles for 33 years.  After graduating from high school (and never having ridden a motorcycle before), Alan and his father George, thought it would be fun to start motorcycle road racing. Back then there were no road racing schools or classes to take in the Northwest. WMRRA had just started their Novice class, but it was not required to start racing.  So the two of them paid their entry fees and Alan lined up at the back of the grid for his very first race with only about 50 miles of riding experience under his belt. Alan survived  that day somehow and quickly learned that he had to figure things out fast if he wanted to continue racing.  He stuck with it and along the way, he taught himself by watching experienced racers (and by falling down) how to go fast. **Not the best way to learn**

After a few seasons Alan became pretty fast around the track. When talking to the "fast guys" at the track, Alan realized he had a natural mental instinct about riding and racing motorcycles that many others did not. Soon he was coaching his friends and sharing his knowledge.  After several years of racing and winning many class championships with WMRRA, OMRRA, and WERA, including the WMRRA #1 plate in 2001, Alan started to do track days with a good friend that he mentored in 2005 in the WMRRA novice school. Some of you may remember Claud. They drove all up and down I-5 doing track days between here and Northern California. Track days became more fun than racing was for Alan, so he joined a couple of the local track day companies in the Northwest and has been teaching, control riding, and organizing track days since 2007.

You probably have seen Alan at track day events instructing and control riding.  In 2014, he was asked to organize a private track day for some friends from the Olympia area. That one event went very well and everyone was impressed so they asked him to do more. In 2015, Alan organized two events with the help of South Sound Honda Suzuki Polaris and again it was very well received.

​That leads us to now, and with a lot of help from Jeremy Bucklin, they have started their own track day experience. TrackTime!

When he is not at the track, you can find Alan at South Sound Honda Suzuki Polaris in Olympia  Wa.  He has been the Parts and Accessories Manager​ there since 1998. In July of 2014, Alan was promoted to being Service Manager as well.

​​​ Alan Schwen

Alan Schwen  aka "Schwen Shady"